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The Lutheran College Washington Semester is a full-time academic program.  Students must take two academic courses, in addition to their internships.  Students should check with their campus academic advisor and department chair to determine if the courses they select qualify for core/major/minor/distribution requirements.  All courses are considered general elective credits, unless otherwise determined in advance.


Students who wish to change a course (Drop/Add) must do so before the start of the second class of the course in which they are currently enrolled.  Since books and course materials are purchased in advance, it may not be possible to return them.  If new books have to be ordered, the student may be assessed the cost of the new books and/or course materials purchased.  Permission for a student to drop a course must be approved by the Registrar and Department Chair of the student’s home campus and the Dean of the LCWS.  A student in the fall or spring semester must remain a full-time student in order to continue in the program.



Students may take one course on the Pass-Fail (P/F) or Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory (S/U) option if such an option is available, and the student is eligible to exercise that option, at their home campus.  Students who wish to take a course as P/F or S/U must receive permission from their home campus in advance of the start of the semester.  A student must receive no less than a C- in the final course grade in order for the grade to be converted to a Pass or Satisfactory.  Late requests to change from a graded course to a P/F or S/U option cannot be honored after the start of the second meeting of the course.



Currently, there is no provision to audit a course in the Lutheran College Washington Semester.

Academic Policies

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