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Summer Residential Program


If a traditional fall or spring semester experience will not fit into your undergraduate plan of study, our Summer Residential Program is a great alternative!  The Summer Residential Program allows you to live in our fully furnished penthouse condos in Rosslyn, VA while you look for or start a new job in D.C., take on a summer internship, or simply immerse yourself in the bustle of our Nation's Capital during your summer break. The Program is purely residential; LCWS does not offer coursework, internship assistance, or academic programming during the summer. 


The Summer 2020 Program is open from Saturday, May 9th, 2020 to Sunday, August 16th, 2020. Residents have the choice of staying with us anywhere from 10 to 14 weeks during that period. As part of the application, residents can identify which weekends they would like to move in and move out. Weeks are only calculated from weekend to weekend. If you would prefer to move in during the week, you will be charged as if you were moving in the weekend prior. If you prefer an arrangement less than 10 weeks long, you are welcome to move in or out on a timeline of your preference, as long as you pay for a 10 week program.

Space in the Summer Residential Program is limited, and applicants are accepted in the order in which their application and deposit is received. The Summer Residential Program is available for all students and alumni of LCWS member institutions. 


Please complete the application form below and submit it to LCWS by email, mail, or fax.


Your application is not considered to be complete until we have also received your $300 Application and Damage Deposit. You may pay your Application and Damage Deposit by check or PayPal. Your Application and Damage Deposit is held throughout your stay and completely refundable, pending full payments to your financial account and the condition of your condo upon move out. The Application and Damage Deposit is non-refundable if an accepted student withdraws or does not attend the Summer Residential Program.

Summer Residential Program Application Form (PDF)


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until space is filled. 


The Summer Residential Program fees cover all amenities including WiFi, water, electric, laundry facilities, cable, furnishings, and access to the River Place gym and pool. All you need to pack is your bedding, towels, and clothes! 


The Summer Residential Program costs $300/week/person for double rooms. Single rooms cost an additional $75/week/person.


So, for example:


Double room, Move in May 9th, Move Out August 16th (14 weeks):                       

 $300 per week x 14 weeks = $4,200

Single room, Move in May 9th, Move Out August 16th (14 weeks):                         

 $375 per week x 14 weeks = $5,250

Double room, Move in May 9th, Move Out July 19th (10 weeks):                       

 $300 per week x 10 weeks = $3,000

Single room, Move in June 6th, Move Out August 16th (10 weeks):                         

 $375 per week x 10 weeks = $3,750

Full payment, or arrangements to make payment, must be made prior to moving in.

For current students pursuing internships for credit, please be advised that financial aid may be limited, or unavailable during the summer.  Students should check with their schools as early as possible to see if any financial aid is available.