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Lutheran College Washington Semester | An Experience of a Lifetime | Wasington, D.C. | Student Experience

While the LCWS apartments are fully furnished and most things are provided for students, there are a few items you may want to bring with you for your semester experience:


  • Business professional attire for your internship, and possible events

  • Casual clothing

  • Personal toiletry items

  • Bathroom towels

  • Linens for regular-size twin bed

  • Pillow

  • Laptop computer

  • Camera

  • Good walking shoes! You will do a lot of walking in the city.

  • Containers or storage boxes that will help with organization of your personal belongings

Fall and spring semester students are welcome to ship items to the LCWS office prior to their arrival.  Most students find this easier than trying to carry everything on a plane or bus when moving to D.C. at the start of the semester.  We receive packages regularly from UPS, FedEx, and USPS.  Please address the package to yourself, and add "Care of (c/o): LCWS."  For example:


Student Name

c/o LCWS

1025 Arlington Blvd.

Arlington, VA 22209


We will ensure all student packages will be in your apartment in Avalon upon arrival in D.C. at the start of the semester.  

What to Bring

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