Student Testimonials

Amy Crane
Concordia College

"Thanks to LCWS, I left D.C. with a newfound confidence and independence in all aspects of my life. I returned home with a determination to make things happen for myself and get more involved on my home campus. My internship experience helped me narrow down the field I want to go into, and inspired me to set personal and career goals for myself. Today, I am confident in my ability to meet these goals because of the connections I made while I was in D.C., and the skills I gained through my internship experience. My semester in D.C. was one of the best things I could have done for myself, and my future career!"

"Through the Lutheran College Washington Semester, I was able to develop key skills through my internship and forge meaningful connections with established professionals in a variety of fields that will help further my career after graduation.  I would recommend this program to any college student, regardless of their major, who wants to develop connections in the career path of their choosing."

Geoffrey Dyck

Luther College

"The Lutheran College Washington Semester provides students with a fantastic opportunity to work, study, and live in Washington, D.C. Aside from exploring the culture and diversity of the city, students gain professional experience through full-time internships. In addition, they take two evening courses with program faculty, both of which integrate aspects of our nation’s capital. The program strikes the perfect balance for students who are interested in traveling to a new city and gaining professional experience before graduation, all while earning a full semester of academic credit."

Christopher Otmar

California Lutheran University

"My semester in D.C. with LCWS was the most rewarding experience of my college career. The professors, most of whom practice in the field in which they are teaching, create a learning environment that challenges students to immerse themselves in their coursework. From the second you walk through the LCWS doors, you feel welcomed and excited for what lies in front of you. At the end of your LCWS experience, you will be sad to leave the people you meet, the connections you have made, and the astonishing city that is Washington, D.C."

Bobbie Esposito

Muhlenberg College

"The LCWS program truly exceeded my expectations by allowing me to immerse myself in life beyond my home institution. The experiences that I had during my time in Washington, D.C., enabled me to nurture my career path, as well as discover new passions.  A semester with LCWS will engage you in meaningful friendships, work opportunities, and cultural experiences that will stay with you forever."

Brittany Marinelli

Lenoir-Rhyne University

"My semester with LCWS was a once in a lifetime experience. I utilized the skills I gained through my internship throughout the rest of my undergraduate career, and I am confident that my internship experience will carry me into the professional world as well. That being said, living and learning in Washington, D.C., for a semester was not just an experience that I could add to my resume - it also made me grow as a person in ways that have helped shape me into who I am today."

Hanna Tegel

Thiel College

"The Lutheran College Washington Semester program is everything a student needs in an off-campus experience.  It allows for personal and professional development with access to explore and experience, first-hand, one of the most exciting cities in the world.  Throughout the semester, students have the opportunity to participate in, and attend, events unlike anywhere else.  The LCWS staff is an invaluable resource as students make the difficult transition from college to the workplace.  I could not recommend this program enough to anyone willing to try something new, and challenge themselves in the process."

Tanner Dyrness

California Lutheran University

"The Lutheran College Washington Semester taught me more than I could have dreamed about myself, and my future career goals.  Moving to a city like Washington, D.C., and meeting people I never would have had the opportunity to meet, changed my life.  My internship gave me practical work experience and advanced my professional career.  I left D.C. with unforgettable memories, lifelong friends, and real-world experience that will serve me well after graduation.  I could not be more grateful for my semester in our nation’s capital!"

Samantha Stohlman

Concordia University Wisconsin

Nancy Giesel

Wittenberg University

"My semester in Washington, D.C., with LCWS was the best learning experience I have had in my academic career.  Being an International Studies and Spanish double major, I didn't know if LCWS would be the right program for me, but, thanks to the wonderful staff, I was placed at an internship that was hand-picked for me based on my unique interests. My internship experience was one that I will not soon forget.  I worked with an immigrant advocacy program and was not only able to speak Spanish every day at work, but gained a wide variety of experience that I wouldn't have had elsewhere. I could not be more grateful for my internship experience through LCWS.  It has shaped me into somebody who is confident and knowledgeable in the things that I am passionate about.  The entire semester was truly enriching, and I would not hesitate to recommend this program to future students of any major."

"My semester with LCWS not only contributed to my intellectual development and increased my confidence to work in challenging and fast-paced environments, it has opened a world of opportunities to me that I never knew existed."

Kofi Gunu

Augustana University

"Life in Washington, D.C., is unlike anywhere else in the world. Although the federal government has a large role in our nation's capital, many other exciting facets exist that make D.C. a great place for students of all majors to call home through the Lutheran College Washington Semester program. Each day in Washington, I discovered new restaurants, museums, parks, and people from all over the world, which made my stay in the city all the more enjoyable. My experience with LCWS taught me an incredible amount about myself, and what life is like in one of the busiest cities in the U.S."

Kalie Kampa

Luther College

"The Lutheran College Washington Semester was, without a doubt, the most formative experience of my undergraduate career. The opportunity to intern in the nation’s capital is an experience that, for me, only proved to be advantageous upon graduation from college. My internship with an international debt relief non-profit exposed me to the interactions between NGOs and the government. This insight fueled my desire to impact the way the country runs, confirming that there are a variety of ways to be an influential member of society. With internships, classes, and thoughtfully crafted excursions to major landmarks and museums (which D.C. is full of!), LCWS is one of the most comprehensive study-away college experiences. At the end of a semester with LCWS, you will leave D.C. with greater confidence and readiness to enter the professional world, having learned to navigate one of America's busiest and most powerful cities. I could not recommend LCWS more highly to students of all majors!"

Kathryn Fogleman

Valparaiso University

"The Lutheran College Washington Semester has been the single most fulfilling aspect of my college career. Few other programs give students a trial run at the “real world,” while still pushing them to take advantage of all that the D.C. area has to offer and to continue their studies in a vigorous setting with some of the most knowledgeable educators in their fields. My D.C. semester helped focus the remainder of my time in college by putting my studies into a more realistic perspective than I ever could have imagined when I enrolled in the LCWS program."

Vicki Daguerre-Bradford

Roanoke College

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